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Reciclarq is a non-profit association of cultural, educational, scientific and technological profile, with a goal of merging architecture and recycling. The activities of the association are focused on creation of sustainable alternatives in different application scales.

The main objectives of Reciclarq are to:

- create sustainable urban, architectural and artistic spatial systems through the strategies of recycling, recovering and reinterpreting.
- investigate the techniques and technological systems of reuse and recycling, combining them in some cases with passive energy systems
- reevaluate and manage the potentials of residual materials (and processes & systems related to them) in order to create environmentally friendly architecture
- promote and disseminate the culture of recycling through the participation and organization of courses, seminars, competitions, exhibitions and other related events
- promote cooperation and collaboration with public and private entities.




RECICLARQ · Lepant 347, Entlo, 4 · 08025 Barcelona · Spain · tel.: (+34) 93 530 93 54 · email: info[at]reciclarq.org