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Fernando Cristian Ayala Zapata

Architect, PhD Student at the Technical University of Catalonia, specialized in experimental architecture and vanguardias, with experience in theoretical and applied investigation. Active participation in events and scientific publications. His career has been developed fundamentally in Chile and Spain, where he has investigated the habitational and urban architectonic design, with views to the interdisciplinary future. At the moment develops investigations and projects in the theoretical field, fundamentally referring to the incorporation of new creative instruments in architecture and new techno- scientífic relations in habitat.
Email: fernando[at]reciclarq.org



Hector Andres Balut Vaccaro

Master in architecture with specialization in Theory and Practice of the Architectural Project, student of the doctorate in the Technical University of Catalonia. In Chile and Spain he has exercised as the architect designer for various public spaces innovation projects and of communal kind. Active participation in design competitions for public architecture in Latin America as in Europe, where he aims to propose new techniques and solutions for a sustainable architecture. Hector has teaching experience in pre-degree university studies and in development of interdisciplinary university workshops related to architecture and urban photography. Currently works in an architectural design studio in Barcelona as architect project manager for ideas competitions in Spain and Europe, besides exercising as investigator for new solutions and sustainability in architecture.
Email: hector[at]reciclarq.org




Cristian Suau Ibáñez

Doctor in Architecture, specialized in architectonic and urban design, with experience in university teaching and theoretical and applied investigation. Oriented to the professional rigor; the cooperation and technical innovation and the leadership in sustentables architectonic projects. Active participation in events and scientific publications. His career has been developed fundamentally in Europe and Latin America, where he has investigated new urban, ecologicaly integrated, dwelling systems. In addition, outstanding participation in international competitions and consultancies. Recently has conformed the professional studio Arquitectonica.
Email: cristian[at]reciclarq.org



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